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Annual Report 2023 presentation

Thu, 8 Feb, 2024, 13:50 – 14:30
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How does this Q&A work:

This company invites all interested, both current investors and potential investors to participate in this event, ask questions directly on this page before the event starts and upvote those questions you would like addressed.

The company will address as many questions as possible, and focus on those questions most wanted by investors.

Speakers at this event:

Jens Andersen
Michael Jeppesen
Dennis Callesen
Investor Director

6 Questions

J**** *****
Feb. 5, 2024

Should we consider 2022 as a single exceptional good year for Solar with results that Solar never will get back?

N**** *****
Feb. 5, 2024

Please provide further clarification on the expected reduction in EBITDA margin. How much comes from reduced Gross Profit margin and how much comes from salary/cost inflation?

Additionally, what is the driver behind the reduction of the Gross Profit Margin?

S**** *****
Feb. 5, 2024

A 30% decrease in EBITDA seems like a lot looking at only 5% decrease in revenue. Are you taking any measures to be less sensitive to smaller revenue declines in the future or is this just something shareholders have to live with?

D**** *****
Feb. 5, 2024

Can you provide an update on the ThermoNova acquisition. How is the integration working out and how do you view this industrial heatpump market in 2024?

A**** *****
Feb. 5, 2024

When looking at the outlook, do you expect a decline in all quarters during 2024 or have you calculated a bigger decline in the first part of the year and an uptake in the last part or how should we as investors think about the guidance?

D**** *****
Feb. 5, 2024

You are proposing a dividend of 30 DKK. That is quite high compared to the share price. Should we that as a sign of you not seeing where to invest this capital in the company?