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Annual Report 2023 presentation

Wed, 21 Feb, 2024, 10:00 – 11:00
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How does this Q&A work:

This company invites all interested, both current investors and potential investors to participate in this event, ask questions directly on this page before the event starts and upvote those questions you would like addressed.

The company will address as many questions as possible, and focus on those questions most wanted by investors.

Speakers at this event:

Casper Christiansen
Chief Financial Officer
Christian Stendevad
Chief Executive Officer

4 Questions

m**** *****
Feb. 20, 2024

Do Penneo have an AI strategy? If yes, how do you use AI in your daily work, and have you seen it have a positive effect? If no, is it something you're considering, and if not, why not?

A**** *****
Feb. 16, 2024

Penneo is nearing 100 DKKm in ARR and beginning to be a bit more mature SaaS-company. In this regard are you aiming to be able to achieve growth and EBITDA-metrics that combined put you on the right side of Rule of 40 or is this not achievable in the near future?

Per Silbo
Feb. 16, 2024

Hvor stor gæld har I i 2023 regnskabsår.

T**** *****
Feb. 16, 2024

Your current investment cycle is set to end here in 2024. But you still have a healthy cash balance and at the same time the market seems to be wanting breakeven. When looking into 2024 how will you make sure to keep growing the company at healthy rates, obtain breakeven but still use your cash to some extent and not just sit on a cash position?