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Investor Update

Tue, 20 Jun, 2023, 09:00 – 09:40
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How does this Q&A work:

This company invites all interested, both current investors and potential investors to participate in this event, ask questions directly on this page before the event starts and upvote those questions you would like addressed.

The company will address as many questions as possible, and focus on those questions most wanted by investors.

Speakers at this event:

Claus Finderup Grove

6 Questions

Rune Bro Roin
June 20, 2023
Asked Live

Profitable from next year? Previously we have been told that would happen already mid this year

A**** *****
June 9, 2023

Can you try to explain a bit how you see AI being used in Financial Consolidation. How do you expect to benefit from AI in Konsolidator and what is the main risks with the high growth and fast moving AI-field. Do you expect to see increased competition in the market based on new technology?

D**** *****
June 19, 2023

In the results of Q1 it is mentioned that 10 new customers signed from Januar - März.
- What was the net increase of customers taking into account the churn?
- Compared to previous quarters, there are fewer Danish customers that signed up. Is there a particular reason why the performance of the homemarket is somewhat slower/lacking?

S**** *****
June 16, 2023

How will you make sure that consolidation will not become a "feature" on established ERP and Financial Reporting platforms due to emerging technologies or how do you plan to ensure Konsolidtor will be the preffered choice?

A**** *****
June 9, 2023

Looking at the latest press releases a lot of focus has been around the capital increase. Now you have finalized this process, how do you expect to spend the cash you have received and how will you ensure that the cash injection can take you to breakeven in the coming years?

P**** *****
June 19, 2023

On your website, you mention that you integrate to Fortnox. But Konsolidator is not shown as an Integration on Fortnox website only Konsolidering.nu and Otisco is shown as Consolidation solutions, why is that and how is Konsolidator different than these two?