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Investor Events enables companies to give investors the best online event experience. Investors can freely engage with the management team and easily access useful information.

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What is is an Investor Relations software solution helping companies increase investor engagement by facilitating an easier and streamlined communication between company management and a large group of investors. We help companies increase reach to more investors while providing an optimized one-to-many Q&A solution to increase engagement and AI-tools to help investors easily access information in online events.

Learn More for Investors brings you closer to the management of the companies you invest in. Ask questions directly to the management, find event transcripts, and use AI tools like sentiment analysis and semantic search to understand better your companies of interest.

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Elevate investor engagement through's integrated event management. Our full solution, adaptable to your setup, features live and pre-event Q&A, seamless live-streaming, and continuous impactful results.

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Investor Event Live Streaming

Live Streaming

Investor events streamed directly on

Investor Q&A

Investor Q&A

Investors can ask questions before the event and get answers without participating.

Investor Event Transcripts

Event transcription

Easily accessible investor information with a fast, accurate and timestamped transcript of events.

CEO Statement

SEO for Investor Relations - Be discovered by the right investors

In this digital age, your investors could be anywhere in the world - from Sweden to Germany or the USA. Our "SEO for Investor Relations" strategy ensures your events become discoverable and searchable. While audio and video content aren't inherently searchable, adding a connected transcript makes it so. This strategy enhances your visibility to the perfect investors and guarantees a future return on your event investments. Icon

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