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Elevate your Investor Engagement

Foster engaging conversations with investors and maximize the impact and accessibility of your investor events with

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What you can do with

Live streaming on

Live Streaming

Stream your events on to thousands of viewers and use our to platform integration to reach millions of potential investors.

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Investor Q&A on

Investor Q&A

Let investors ask questions live and up to 14 days before the event to increase engagement and get time to prepare answers for better communication.

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AI-powered transcripts

Event transcription

Make information easily accessible and searchable with a fast, accurate and timestamped transcript of your event.

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Create event and collect questions

Choose the event title and the time, it's that easy.


Answer the questions during your event

Read the question or have our moderators read the question and provide your answer during the live event.


We take care of the rest

We automate everything after the event: transcript, timestamps, sentiment analysis, data collection, lead generation and answer matching.

How it works

We integrate effortlessly into your current Investor Relations workflow.

Our goal is to take as much effort off your hands as possible, and bring your investors a sense of transparency and good communication.

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Exceeding clients' expectations

“With we have been able to manage our investor events in a professional setup and increase direct engagement with more investors through pre-submitted Q&As. We have increased our reach significantly through platform integrations and discoverability by reaching top keyword positions through timestamped transcripts making sure that millions of investors all around the world will recognize Brain+ as one of the pioneers within Digital Dementia Care.”

Hanne Leth Hillman photo
Hanne Leth Hillman

Chief Financial Officer, Brain+

“Onboarding has helped us facilitate investor calls and presentations without technical disruptions or complex setups. The service is excellent, and the platform is user-friendly, making it easier to engage with the audience while also receiving data and insights to further improve our communication. ”

Heidi Ahlefeldt-Laurvig photo
Heidi Ahlefeldt-Laurvig


“We've had more questions than we are used to, which is fantastic. So it will allow everybody to get a better understanding for what we do and also maybe demystify some stuff. So thank you so much for that, it's been fantastic.”

Patrick Blok photo
Patrick Blok

Managing Partner, Movinn

“The event was very well organized, and we have already received several positive comments from investors. I like the concept that investors can ask questions before the event. All questions were well thought of and gave us an opportunity to give a comprehensive answer.”

Ole Thastrup photo
Ole Thastrup

CSO & Founder, 2cureX

“I think the questions were really good because it tells us something about where do we need to improve our communication, which are the areas that are probably difficult to understand from the strategy and from what has happened following the strategy. So it really helps us in communication and understanding what to address going forward.”

Hans Tino Hansen photo
Hans Tino Hansen

CEO, Risk Intelligence

“It's been excellent this is the second time that Jack [Skov] and I, actually the first time for Jack, second time for me that we are using this event. And I think for me, it's very positive. I think the question that is coming in is extremely relevant, and I kind of like also to take the critical questions.”

Claus Finderup Grove photo
Claus Finderup Grove

CEO, Konsolidator


Event live streaming demo

Live Streaming

Embrace the power of connection with your investors through our Live Streaming feature. We provide an RTMP streaming platform designed to bring your investor events directly to your stakeholders. With, you have the opportunity to transform your regular investor briefings into highly interactive and engaging experiences, demonstrating your commitment to transparency and open communication. When using your events will automatically become live streamed on international investor platforms to increase reach in an instance.

Investor Q&A demo

Investor Q&A

Amplify investor engagement with our unique Investor Q&A feature. We empower your company to gather questions up to two weeks before your investor event, promoting more detailed discussions and heightened participation. Furthermore, we facilitate live Q&A sessions, making your events dynamic and highly interactive. Post-event, we match your transcript answers to the asked questions on, giving you an efficient tool to manage investor inquiries and foster robust conversations. Convenience is key for investors and with you can offer the most convenient one-to-many communication solution for investors.

Sentiment analysis in transcript demo


Leveraging AI capabilities, our transcription service offers 99% accuracy, delivering professionally-edited and timestamped transcripts within hours. Timestamps facilitate seamless navigation across text, audio, and video. Timestamped transcripts offer more than just convenience. They are a game-changer for SEO optimization in investor relations when integrated with worldwide investor platforms. By making your events easily searchable and discoverable, you enhance your online presence and ensure that investors can find you when searching for keywords.

Our Packages

We offer great prices, premium solutions and quality service for your business.

Basic package


  • AI-generated transcripts
  • 2 events per year
Custom package


Everything in Core, plus:
  • Customized solution tailored to your requirements

CEO Statement

SEO for Investor Relations - Be discovered by the right investors

In this digital age, your investors could be anywhere in the world - from Sweden to Germany or the USA. Our "SEO for Investor Relations" strategy ensures your events become discoverable and searchable. While audio and video content aren't inherently searchable, adding a connected transcript makes it so. This strategy enhances your visibility to the perfect investors and guarantees a future return on your event investments.