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An easy way to communicate and engage with retail shareholders
We help you scale the number of retail investors you can engage with during earnings calls, investor calls and presentations without you having to make big changes or spend more time. Implement our solution directly into your current setup and start the conversation with retail investors.
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Information and engagement at one place
Understand retail investors better
The best way of understanding investors is by communicating with them. Understand what concerns they have and which information they miss.
Address more investors without spending more time
With Stokk.io you can begin interacting and communicating with retail investors, without spending more time by using your existing event setup combined with our solution.
Open up for retail investor communications in a scalable way
Our Q&A solution makes investor communication scaleable. By incentivizing investors to upvote the best questions you get more information.
Gain useful investor data and insights
Increase your base of retail investors by attracting new investors and retaining investors. Understand investor engagement through data and insights.
Stand out and gain trust from retail investors
Increase management credibility and gain more long term retail shareholders by providing them with an open communication stream and direct access to management.
How our solution works:

1. Create a Q&A page

The Q&A page is created 7 days before your investor event. It takes just a few minutes to set it up.

2. Share the Q&A with your investors

Use your investor newsletter to share the Q&A page with your investors. You can also share it on our platform, and the investors that already follow your company will get notified automatically.

3. Collect questions from investors

Your shareholders, and potential shareholders, will begin asking questions. We also encourage them to upvote questions they want to see answered.

4. You answer the top questions

By the time of your event, you will have a list of the most important questions that investors want to hear answered. You can answer the top 3-5 questions during your event.

5. We transcribe your answers

We will transcribe the answers you provide to the questions during the live event, and will publish them on the Q&A page under the respective questions.

6. Investors get the answers

The investors that asked questions or upvoted questions will be notified when they are answered. Thus, even if they can not attend the event, they will still get the answers to the questions they asked.

7. Get investor engagement insights

After the event, you will get data about the investor engagement during the event.

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