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AI-Powered Investment Research

Extracting valuable insights from investor events can be daunting. We streamline the process with direct Q&A sessions with company executives and AI-driven tools, helping you effortlessly gain access to the key data points from these events. Hero Transcript feature demo Upvote feature demo Investor Q&A feature demo

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On, you can ask questions up to 14 days before an event. This means you do not need to participate live but instead you can submit questions when it fits your schedule. We will provide an automatically transcribed answer to your questions right after the event, so you can get the information you need in one click.

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AI-Powered tools

beta Access key information instantly with AI-powered sentiment.

With our AI-powered Financial Sentiment tool, cut through the noise in events and zone in on the most significant details. An average investor event can take up to 45 minutes, generating over 30 pages of transcripts. Save time by bypassing less relevant content and diving straight into the parts that matter. We highlight the positive and negative sentiments to optimize your time and enhance understanding.

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